Top Tips For Winter

Top Tips For Winter

Top Tips 

Checklist on winter proofing the exterior of your home

Have you ever considered exterior lights for the dark winter nights ?

 Genie Technic are here to help and provide ideas to benefit your safety by suggesting a few ways to brighten up your gardens, pathways and driveways. There are a few simple ways we can help ourselves by renewing or replacing our lamps (bulbs) at the main doors, adding to your existing  lighting by installing new lights on paths and driveways. Upgrading to security lights which turn on automatically when someone approaches your home.

Have you checked your locks for when winter knocks?

 As its darker now and nearing Christmas, Genie Technic are thinking of ways to help secure your home, check all your doors, window and gate locks are secure. These tips and tricks help secure your home and all your valuables bought for Christmas time. 

Are you staying out of harm by checking your alarm?

 Genie Technic advise to get your alarms checked at this time of year as we are aware there are presents being bought on the lead up to Christmas and winter is the peak time for break-ins as the nights are longer providing more cover for burglars. But here at Genie Technic we want to help out by suggesting you to get your house alarms checked.

Is your roof winter proof? 

 As the cold winter weather is fast approaching our team at Genie Technic want to ensure peoples homes are safe by giving tips on checking your roofs are safe and ready for the winter weather, if possible check all ceilings in your home for water marks which might indicate a leak and if possible check your roof for cracked or out of place tiles. If unsure on any of these tips we are always here for a chat. 


When in doubt call Genie Technic out! 



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