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General Construction Company

Genie Technic is a general construction company based in Glasgow. Genie Technic was established in October 2018 with the goal of combining Tregenna construction and T&G building and growing it within central Scotland by providing the trust and quality that our customers rely on.

Home Improvements and Electrical Works Contractor

Genie Technic began as a Home Improvements and Electrical works contractor based in Fife in 1988, over the years the company has diversified by taking on many challenging projects and accumulating skills, technical knowledge (know-how) and experiences in design & build, construction management and building trade works. Just some of our most popular services;

Hire Us for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Projects

Today Genie Technic take on the role of main contractor for small to medium size projects, coordinating specialist trades for Domestic, commercial and industrial projects. We have a genuine commitment to people and our philosophy is to provide exceptional quality, industry leading client service, with value and no hidden extras.

Our Past - Renovating, Building and Maintaining Properties since 1998

Genie Past – We’ve been renovating, building and maintaining properties in the built environment from our small beginning in 1988 at McMillan home improvements, a father and son business based in fife, specialising in Kitchen and Bathroom design, installation and Electrical specialist contractor, David moved to Glasgow in 1992 and continued to work closely with his dad while developing a new customer base serving Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Genie Present - Over many years of collaborative working with T&G contracts and Tregenna construction an amalgamation was formed and Genie Technic created.

Genie Future - As the construction, Refurbishment & maintenance Industry focuses more on sustainability, standardisation, regulation, cost planning, collaborative working disciplines our Director has invested in his professional development by returning to university and achieving his BSc Construction Management in 2018. During his time at university he has gained valuable knowledge and depth of understanding in the built environment with a stronger focus on the needs of people using our buildings now and in the future. Our customers will ultimately benefit from the most up to date knowledge, resources and best practice gained from his direct experience.

Vision for the future - The construction industry is going through massive changes with a focus on the users of buildings, long term sustainability and the future potential use of buildings and cost effectiveness. Our vision is to be recognised as the partner of choice for all construction, refurbishment and maintenance projects in the central belt, delivering an outstanding service and building on our solid core values. Offering our clients performance reliability, customer care and client satisfaction incorporating a modern approach with traditional values.

Our Values - With an emphasis on quality of build, integrity and reliability, we are committed to providing collaborative services that are professional and client focused. We have exceptional people, skilled trades and management team with a commitment to service excellence, to deliver project objectives in a responsive way.

We are a caring company who take time to listen and understand the project objectives and consider the local environment and community. Our performance, reliability, client satisfaction, value and flexible working approach bring main contractor professional management to minor works contracts to produce the right results.

Customer care - Our Client Care Commitment is about building sound relationships with our clients by simply making the entire process user friendly and achieving outstanding quality and a happy client. We always listen to our clients needs and any concerns to ensure our reputation for great customer service is simply the result of our excellent communication and collaboration.

The first phase of any project is defining it and understanding if the client has any concerns about the project.

Our customer care strategy is to always start with an open dialogue when defining any project and we use our industry expertise to understand what the client wants and needs, this way we help our clients obtain the best value for the project.

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