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No two Conversion projects are the same and different challenges arise from each task, while this seems a daunting task at first glance, here at Genie Technic we provide the right solutions in all instances and have the experience to put your mind at ease.

Our expertise in structural alterations derives from years of installing RSJ's. Working closely with expert structural engineers we provide a wide range of structural engineering services from single beam to multi-storey buildings that meet with all Building Regulations. We use experienced designers and work closely with our fabricators to ensure the most efficient and effective structures are planned and designed and then we execute the installation with the precision and safety requirements necessary.

Sometimes the only way to achieve the room layout you desire is to make a structural change to your building, such as removing a load bearing wall. Due to our wealth of experience in this field, we can complete these types of renovation projects without any compromise on, or risk to, the structural integrity of the building. These partnerships and our commitment to quality and safety in our working environments ensure we follow a best-practice approach to Renovations.


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